Welcome to the Project ‘Ryedale TeLLs’

With the help of our local community, we are learning how to re-gain the knowledge necessary to create a more sustainable use of fibres and colours in crafts and fashion. We believe that our relation with plant and animal life needs substantial changes. Our ‘textile living laboratories’ are trials of organic fields of flax for fibres and plant dyes in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. The Project ‘Tells’ is our practical and local contribution to a national effort to bring back the cultivation of plants for fibres and dye in Britain.

Our ‘Textile Living Laboratories’ are generating knowledge by regenerating land!

Organic and regenerative farming meet Environmental and Experimental Archaeology in Ryedale- investigating the potential of local fibres and dyes production for a more sustainable economy.

What We Do


We grow plant for fibres and colours, in small organic farms, within an established crops rotation system.


We re-learn old skills and old ways and we adapt them to our modern needs. We learn how to go from seeds to textile.


We share and exchange ideas and experience with other farmers and researchers in Yorkshire and beyond.

More about us

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