We are part of growing network of people working towards a greener and more sustainable future. In this page we will share links to projects and teams with whom we collaborate, share knowledge and support each other. Visit us often as we will be updating this page often.

MALLON LINEN – Norther Ireland

We are in close contact with Charlie Mallon and his wife Hellen – They funded Mallon Linen – in Norther Ireland. We have been lucky in enough to visit their farm and have a very good chat about all things ‘flax’.

Mallon Linen

Charlie and Hellen are bringing back the production of linen from seed to fabric and have built a lot of knowledge and experience in its cultivation in the past few years. You can learn more about their work on their website here and by watching the video on the left.

Homespun/Homegrown = Seed to Fabric

We are collaborating with Justine, of the Homespun Homegrown Project. Mark in particular is closely involved in a number of aspect of the project due to his organic farming background.

The Homespun Homegrown project is ground braking project aimed to develop a regenerative farming system in the North West of England, initially a ‘dream’ by Justine textile artist and teacher, funder of The Wild Dyery here

You can learn more about this project here